Easy way to add minimal expandable Floating Action Button (FAB) menu

Shubham Nikam
1 min readAug 26, 2018

I have got a better approach to show the minimal expandable FAB menu without using extra other libraries. It’s pretty simple just follow me…

fig : demo illustration of expandable FAB menu

Some XML code….

First define all your FAB at the same place so they overlap each other. Customize some XML properties as per your need and don’t forget to include this content_main.xml layout in activity_main.xml

(I have hardcoded all values, for easy reading purpose).

Extra Animation

Create Android Resource Directory named anim under res directory and add all following files in anim directory. Which is for FAB open, close, rotate clock, anticlock animation purpose. Again fill free to customize as per your need.

Define Behavior in Java class

Just define what, when and how you want in MainActivity.java

That’s all you need to do. Easy peasy right? I hope you find something useful.

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